Singularity in each garment

MasaiMan Men

Masaiman Black Sahara men's black pique polo shirt with ochre embroidery

Comfort and satisfaction

The MasaiMan man is modern, refined and exquisite, not at all pretentious. Casual and cool, he advocates comfort and seeks versatility in his clothes from him. The key to his style lies in taking risks on small details, defying the archetype of the masculine wardrobe.

Urban clothing

Simplicity and fusion are the characteristics of our style, heir of the classic cuts and the richness and creativity of MasaiMan. Our garments are the result of years in which we have developed a own style. Creations beyond fashion, unique clothing to express a way of feeling, living and dressing.

MasaiMan Sport

Casual clothing for all occasions. A line focused on comfort and designed to become your everyday wardrobe. Fabrics and colors dedicated to practice sports, enjoy the weather and set style.

MasaiMan custom-made men's suits design

Men’s suit

We make totally personalized tailor-made suits, with the objective of creating unique and exclusive garments with an own seal of identity.

Complete men's look with MasaiMan Celeste Seychelles pique shirt, jeans and blue cap.


Details count. Details count. Accessories talk about you more than you think, they add, enhance and give you the possibility of giving a twist to your clothing.