The powerful impact of the simple

MasaiMan Women

The womanhood

MasaiMan also bets on polished and exquisite women’s collections. Our designs for women express a versatile timeless style, designed to be a perfect balance between comfort and distinction.

Urban chic

MasaiMan’s urban clothing defends a classic style with precise details that make it different and attractive for any woman. Pure lines and taste for small nods to other latitudes.

Practical and cosmopolitan

Dynamic and cosmopolitan women do not abandon their origin, but are able to combine that modern image without losing their original style. In the MasaiMan brand they are represented without losing an iota of femininity, with pure designs and soft and combinable colors.

Masaiman Black Sahara men's black pique polo shirt with ochre embroidery

Women’s suits

Classic design suits inspired by other latitudes, made with quality fabrics and attention to detail. Singularity and distinction in all models, created for days and occasions when you want to feel special.